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    Casa de Calhariz
    Family estate since 1483
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    Trevo fountain
    Palace gardens fountain
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    Fountain of the Lions
    Fountain in the courtyard of the estate palace
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    Calhariz estate pond
    Visit the spot by foot or using one of the bikes available to our guests
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    Casa de Calhariz
    stud farm
    Casa de Calhariz is a certified Lusitano horse breeder
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    Calhariz estate vineyards
    We produce Aragonêz and Syrah red grapes, and Moscatel de Setúbal and Verdelho for white varieties
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    Traditional harvest
    Every year we hand harvest our grapes using traditional methods ensuring the quality of our wines
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    Touristic Villas
    We have 6 villas with capacity ranging from 4 to 8 people
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    Outdoor pool
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    Pristine beaches
    Discover untouched nature

The perfect refuge

In the midst of the Natural Park of Serra da Arrábida, Casa de Calhariz is a private property with more than 1000 hectares, just 40 minutes away from central Lisbon. It is very close to the amazing beaches of Sesimbra, which are just 10 km away, and 17 km from Meco and Arrábida beaches.

The housing complex at Casa de Calhariz can only be accessed by a private road, where the Palace is also located as well as all the buildings used for the several agricultural activities, all of which are still fully operational. It is here, in this historical site, where the touristic complex is situated; where you can find peace, escape the frenzy of the city and experience life in the countryside.

The centuries-old history of the estate, the beauty of the existing edifications, the forests, the archaeological findings from pre-historical era, and all the breath-taking views of the property in the middle of a natural reserve, are just a few of the many reasons why you should come to stay at Casa de Calhariz.

Come find this wonderful place filled with history!
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Discover our 6 villas, all with a privileged view over the Arrábida mountain

01 | Sobreiro

02 | Pinheiro

03 | Oliveira

04 | Aroeira

05 | Medronheiro

06 | Zimbro

The space for tourism

Our houses offer a privileged view of Serra da Arrábida. The typology of housing varies but, all of them, have at least one double bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a spacious dining/sitting room area. Additionally, all houses have central heating. It is forbidden to smoke inside the houses. Pets are not allowed.

Guest Book

Fascinating history!

Superb reception and availability of the staff. The natural enthusiasm of the owner and the time he spent talking to us. Fascinating history!

Excellent accommodation

Excellent accommodation, excellent kitchen equipment ideal for a family - safe and secure.

Swimming pool, barbeque, bicycles and freedom.

Absolutely fabulous place to relax in comfort and style. Tranquility combined with all the best from rural Portugal: vineyards, rustic decor, marvelous people, scenic landscapes, horses and divine wine. Plus swimming pool, barbeque, bicycles and freedom.

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