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The paradisiacal beaches around Arrábida such as Portinho, Galápos and Figueirinha are the main attractions of the region. However, the village of Sesimbra, with its own beaches and its waterfront with cafes, bars and restaurants, is a “must visit” location. The Sesimbra Castle, romanesque, erected in the century. XIII, is also a place where you can enjoy an overwhelming view over the village, the bay and Arrábida.

A trip to Arrábida offers sights of a unique beauty of the ocean and of the preserved traditional Portuguese Atlantic forest. Here you can also find the Conventinho da Arrábida (Arrábida’s Convent), founded in 1542 by Franciscan monks. It is a religious monument of architectural rare beauty, resulting from the Franciscan simplicity and location in the mountain (guided visits must be combined). Nearby are several villages with very nice restaurants such as Azeitão and Meco.

You can also visit “Cabo Espichel”, where the Sanctuary of “Nossa Senhora do Cabo” is located, which is the most important architectural heritage of the county. Dinosaur footprints on the cliffs can also be seen.

The Tróia peninsula, another of the natural gems of the Setúbal Peninsula, consists of several deserted beaches that can be visited by boat from Setúbal. Trips to go dolphin watching in the Sado estuary are also available. You can also visit the ruins of Tróia, Roman example of industrial architecture, the largest fish salting production complex known in the Roman world.

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Touristic tours in Setúbal Peninsula

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Other informations

• Regional products: "Farinha Torrada“, “Tortas de Azeitão” and “Queijo de Azeitão”;

• Regional dishes: fish stew, grilled black "peixe-espada", seafood rice or "açorda" and, of course, all the fresh fish captured at the Sesimbra coast;

• Bars: English Bar, Onda Selvagem e and Bar do Peixe (restaurant and bar);

• Restaurants: O Canhão, Ribamar and Bar do Peixe (restaurant and bar);

• Regional Pastry: O Cego;

• Rent-a-Car: Badger Tour (cars, vans and bicycles).

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